Lavender Royal Blue

Lavender angustifolia ‘Royal Blue’ is a member of the Lamiceae family. This plant is found in a natural selection and an improved variety from the ‘Hidcote–like’ varieties. The flowers are in fact bigger and the colour blue is deeper than ‘Hidcote’. In addition to this, the time from showing its colorful flowerbuds until the end of bloom is much longer!

 The flowers can be picked and dried. Nice to create a pomander or lavender bag for scenting drawers and cupboards!

…Nice to know: The old Egyptians also have a liking for lavender. The pharaoh Tutankhamen was put in his tomb with a perfume pitcher lavender on his side.

Royal Blue is a popular plant in gardens and patios.. The plant has woody stems, the leaves are greyish-green and “hairy”. The leaves are more or less linear and have a length of about 3-4 cm.

The generic designation 'angustifolia' is also Latin for "narrow leaf". The deep dark blue flowers are spike-shaped and have a diameter of 3-5 cm. The flowering period is June to August.

Lavendel angustifolia Royal Blue